Sess The Prblm Kid: Producer releases debut album, ”Omo Muda”

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The producer who is quite known for his association with rapper Falz and their work together on the commercially successful, ”Stories That Touch” album released in 2015, is taking the next step in his career and this time, he is putting out something on his own.

Few days before the release of the album, Sess stopped over at the Pulse office for an interview where he spoke on the album, his relationship with Falz and the message behind the body of work.

On how he went into production

Sess started producing almost a decade ago as a student in the University of Ilorin, on why he chose production, he says,

”I started as an artist, I wanted to be in front of the microphone, I started producing out of necessity, I couldn’t afford to buy beats, so I started learning how to make it on my own and along the line, I discovered that I was pretty good at it.”

The lawyer turned producer says Falz was the first person he worked with four years ago, recollecting that the first song they worked together at first was ‘Clap’, which features Reminisce, a song he says Falz didn’t like initially.

”Falz is more than just an artist for me,” Sess says, ”He is my brother, I feel like our journeys are aligned, for every song we work on, we are self-realizing and discovering ourself.”

On why Falz is not featured on his new album, he replies, ”Falz and I have so many songs recorded, but for me, it just felt like the Falz and Sess I wanted people to experience, I didn’t feel like we have that song for this project.

It is just a different vibe and I didn’t feel like putting him on my album will show the Sess and Falz I want people to see at this point.” he says.

He speaks on the inspiration behind the album title

The Album, ”Omo Muda” literally translated as ‘Son of Muda’ is titled as a dedication to his father, Muda.

”The reason why I named the album ‘Omo Muda’ is because it goes to show who I am as a person. I try to show that I am that kid that came from Ilorin, my dad was a very important factor in me chasing my dream because I had a conversation with him on my wanting to do music and he gave me his support.

So the journey from that time to now is what I have been able to capture in the album.”

On the message he is passing with the album

 ”This album is a gateway to the new Sess, I am trying to make a statement that there is more to me than just Falz’s producer, or Sess the hip-hop producer.

The album is like a bedrock of what the brand Sess is going to become, am trying to make the brand Sess a household name, and this album is like that strategic point where I am saying, this is it, this is the point forward for me.

Right now I have like four albums to my name, [”Stories That Touch”, ”Chemistry”, ”27” and now ”Omo Muda”), I feel like I have paid my dues. I just wanted to make an album that people could genuinely enjoy.

He addresses the question of producers not getting adequately paid for their beats

 Many times producers cry out over not getting well rewarded by artists they have worked with, and Sess has his say on the topic.

”We need to understand that the currency is different, you can get paid monetary or get paid through networking. In the industry that we are in, some relationships are more important than money, I cannot speak for everybody, but for me, yes I am getting paid.”

On how long it took him to put the album together considering the number of people he had to work with, he says,

The album features a total of 20 notable names including, Simi, Skales, Ycee, Shank, Poe, Boogey, Niniola, Joh Makini from Tanzania and more.

”I have been working on this project for 18 months, there are a lot of other guys I tried to get but I couldn’t get, but it has been a worthwhile journey.

On working with Shank, ”Shank is not even in Nigeria, I was in the studio and a friend of ours came through and mentioned Shank and I told him I wanted to work with Shank and he said let’s make it happen and right there, we called Shank and it happened.”

He shares the story of how ‘One Billie’ featuring Simi was created, ”I had to work on three songs before getting to ‘One Billie’.

I did the first song and sent to Simi to record, two weeks later she called and said she liked the song and needed it for her album, I sent another and the same thing, ‘One Billie’ was the third song I sent and she said I could have it.

‘One Billie’ was me trying to put Simi in a different kind of space, Simi is known for Afro Soul, but I wanted to put her on a dancehall pop vibe and that is how we came about the song.”

”There is a bit of my voice on the album, I am just trying to introduce the artist side of me,” he added.

On the song with LAX and Mayorkun titled ‘Word Up’, he says, ”That beat is actually an old song, I did it for a Falz and Tekno song, but for some reason, the song never came out, and I liked the beat and I decided to use it on this project.”

Asked to rate his album on a scale of 1-5, ”I am going to score the album realistically a four,” he says, ”This is the project that explains who I am now, I get better every day, I feel like every week, my beats are getting better. I am very proud of the album, of what it sounds like, and it is just going to get better.”

He concludes with a message to music lovers who listen to the album, ”I really want people to genuinely enjoy it, just enjoy it for what it is, don’t campare my album with Falz’s album, just enjoy it,” he states.

”Omo Muda” is an album on his journey, his pains and victories and it is now available on all platforms.



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