Pop Culture: Taxify driver masturbates in front of female passenger while he drives, Lawyer drags Taxify on Twitter

In the three-tweet rant, the serial entrepreneur accused new-age transportation company, Taxify of retaining the services of an unnamed driver who allegedly masturbated while he was driving her unnamed friend.

Apparently, the driver still reflects on the Taxify app to be booked by other users.

In her words, she said her friend has experienced this disturbing thing twice. Oyedele also stated that her herself and her friend were so terrified, she had to stay on the phone with the girl till she reached her destination.

What sent Oyedele over the tipping point was that Taxify completely ignored the mail and complaint her friend made, instead offered her a derisory free ride to compensate for such scary levels of wrongdoing.

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She said, “@Taxify_ng you company is a dirty smelling company. My friend made a report to you her driver was masturbating while in the ride with her. I literally had to stay with her on a call until she got to me. All you did was give her credit for a new ride. I am not letting this go.”

I was going to let this slide but this is the second time it’s happening to her and again you did not reply the mail or the report. I personally wrote that report for her she was too disgusted and shaken. Dear @Taxify_ng you better answer me.

“This sicko driver is signed under your app wonder how many other women he does this to. Lol, is taxify credit supposed to make her forget that she was in a demeaning situation? @Taxify_ng give me your office address cos we gone address this silly attitude of yours.”

This comes after a series of allegedly scandalous claims, trailing the wake of Taxify. Surely, the company has to directly affect this.


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