Gist: Paternity Fraud: Man discovers all four children are not his via compulsory DNA test at US Embassy

Whether it is a shame on Nigerian men or Nigerian women, nobody knows, but the depth of unfaithfulness adds an extra kick in the teeth for a country sunken as Nigeria. The rate of paternity fraud in Nigeria was 30 percent — which means 30% of Nigerian men are caring for children that are not theirs.

Recently, a Nigerian Twitter User, Chuka Chukwudile who tweets @MrAdeBond replied a Reno Omokri tweet that, “I know a couple who went for same Visa processing and it came out that the 4 children the man thought he had, none were his. Plot twist all 4 children were from 4 different men. Real life stuff.”

Omokri had earlier tweeted on his rollercoaster, never-ending #RenoNuggets that, “The US Embassy in Nigeria now involves guards when reading results of DNA tests for families applying for visas, because of high instances that the father is not the biological dad of the kids. Our churches shouldn’t teach more tithes, they should teach more morals #RenosNuggets

It all brings some perspective into the Kanye West lyrics off his 2005 Grammy nominated hit song, Gold Digger featuring Jamie Foxx.

Talking from the angle of wealth seeking, desperate women, West discussed the philandering women, and the art of prenuptial agreements to women who give kids to wrong fathers due to wealth or security those men guarantee.

He rapped, “Eighteen years, eighteen years. And on the 18th birthday he found out it wasn’t his?!” The song perfectly captures the infamy and shock paternity fraud on the unfortunate men who have to deal with the heartbreak of the realization.


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