politics: Governor Ganduje is a fraudulent thief and this L belongs in his chest

On October 14, 2018, Pulse reported the first of two videos released about Governor Abdullahi Ganduje, the current Executive Governor of Kano State stacking dollars into his white Agbada.

One day Later, Pulse reported a second video that immediately went viral on the internet.

Asides the fact that some of us felt vindicated by one of our many oppressors being caught on camera, stealing funds, it was a true victory for technology, frequently underutilized in Nigeria in the battle against corruption.

In the video, his happiness could be felt as he kept taking the money and stacking in his agbada while he was beaming with the grin of a man proud of himself as he revels in doing terrible things.

He was like the hillbilly whose smile one wishes would vanish and turn into streams of cries behind bars. Ganduje is bleeping trash.

He is the mainstream representation of the thieving Nigerian politician, taking kickbacks from contractors and celebrating it, creating wealth for his generation while most people rot in penury.

Sadly, he might not get punished, but it offers evidence into how national resources are being gleefully appropriated, unrepentantly by our supposed leaders.

The most annoying part is how certain people were supporting him and creating narratives of ‘he’s not guilty’ from a blatant video.

First, why would a Governor be stacking money of that amount in his Agbada? No amount of media spins can get Ganduje off this one.

The means or motive of whoever captured Governor Abdullahi Ganduje receiving what is rumored to be $5 million doesn’t matter.

A wrong is a wrong regardless of the wrong perpetrated by another. Another person’s wrong doesn’t get you off your wrong.

It is why no amount of provocation plea can get you completely off a murder charge. The best you get is a reduction to manslaughter.

Thus; Governor Ganduje is trash and so are those people who have been trying to recreate narratives around whatever he was doing decking his white Agbada with repeated stacks of dollars.

Please, watch your step, don’t be unfortunate in supporting a trash Governor. In Optimus Prime manner, PEOPLE SHALL KEEP GETTING YOU THIEVING POLITICIANS, THE PURGE HAS BEGUN. Crd: pulse.ng


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