Gist :Men were my greatest headache as broadcaster

Tosin Ajirire and Precious Igbava
For veteran broadcaster and actress, Mabel Akomu Oboh, giving back to society is beyond passion; it is life.
In her bid to empower Nigerian entertainers and eradicate poverty in the industry, the founder of Mabel Oboh’s Centre for Save Our Stars has just concluded a week-long skills acquisition programme where participants learned soap making, cake baking, make-up, and bead making among others.
Even before that, Oboh launched a ‘save our soul’ campaign for reggae star Yellow Banton, who was down with skin cancer. She was also part of the campaign to save veteran actor, Sadiq Daba from life threatening ailment. In this interview, Oboh opens up on her life, career, challenges, and what actually informed her decision to establish Save Our Stars.
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Tell us briefly about yourself
My name is Mabel Akomu Oboh. I am a veteran broadcaster and actress. I am also a television presenter. I worked for NTA for so many years.
Tell us about your NGO, Mabel Oboh’s Centre for Save Our Stars. What actually inspired it?
Save Our Stars is an NGO for entertainers, and also for sport people, because we have come to realize that sport people are also part of entertainers. The NGO came from my personal observation of the suffering that is in the entertainment industry. I have been in the entertainment industry for 34 years, and I saw the likes of Sam Loco, Enebeli Elebuwa, who passed on for no good reason. They were all my contemporaries. I know very well that these were very committed people in the industry. They did it (entertainment) for the love of it and not for financial gains. But then life has to continue, they paid the price for the love of entertainment. When Enebeli and Sam Loco died, it really touched me because we started together and they were very good friends of mine.
I saw some actors in the new Nollywood like Mona Ibekwe and the rest of them dying like that. And looking at the cause of death, we came to realize that it’s all about lack of money. I was actually in the UK when Sadiq Daba’s problem started. I saw the campaign on Facebook and I said this is it. Sadiq also is a colleague of mine, so I felt if people of my generation in the entertainment industry are going (to die) and they are not going (to die) because of nature but because of lack of funds… So, I came back and joined the campaign with Joe Okei-Odumakin, Soni Irabor, Azuka Jebose and others. And I played my role and it became a success. And that was actually the time I told Sadiq Daba that I was going to start a Foundation, an NGO for entertainers. I told him enough is enough.


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