Gist: The most horrifying things tourists have done recently

Tourists are often considered an obnoxious and intrusive bunch, but some are so bad they make international headlines.

This year was a particularly rough year for tourists around the world.

From damaging hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of art while taking a selfie to causing flight delays by throwing coins into a plane’s engine for good luck, there’s been no shortage of tourist faux pas this year.

Keep reading for the worst tourist horror stories as of late.

Two tourists face up to 10 years in a Thai prison for spray-painting a brick wall from the 13th century.

On October 18, travelers Brittney Schneider, a Canadian, and Lee Furlong, from the UK, found a can of spray-paint on the side of the road in northern Bangkok. Inebriated, they decided to vandalize the nearest wall — which happened to be the Tha Pae Gate, a popular tourist attraction that dates back to the 13th century.

The two were found within a week due to surveillance footage, and were immediately taken to jail. Their bail was set at 149,000 baht, or roughly $6,000. While free on bail, they must stay in Thailand until their trial is completed, and are facing up to a decade in prison.

Schneider doesn’t believe she deserves prison time. She told the radio show Edmonton AM, “A big fine definitely, but I don’t think I deserve prison for this.”

A group of teens pushed a rock off a crag at Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire, England, causing irreparable damage to a landmark that’s millions of years old.

According to the Northyorkshire Police, a group of five young people were seen pushing a rock off a crag at Brimham Rocks, a National Trust site that dates back millions of years. The rock formation has been shaped by centuries of wind, rain, and ice.

“The incident has not only caused considerable damage to both the rock and the crag face, but those responsible also put themselves in danger and have created a potential hazard for other visitors to Brimham Rocks,” the police said.

A tourist damaged an 800-year-old museum artifact just so he could take a photo of his kid.

One family in the UK disregarded museum rules (and common sense) when they placed their baby inside of an ancient artifact for a photo-op.

The incident took place at Prittlewell Priory outside of London. According to the Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, the family placed the child inside of an 800-year-old sandstone coffin, which caused it to fall off its stand.

While the incident only caused about $130 worth of damage, the disregard for historical preservation for the sake of a photo is priceless.

Read more here.

A woman slapped an airline gate agent after she was told that check in had closed for her flight.

Traveling can be frustrating, but there’s no excuse for getting violent with airline staff. However, a passenger on an AirFrance flight flying from Wuhan, China, to Paris, France, was captured on a security camera slapping a gate agent after learning that she had missed check in for her flight back in June.

The passenger told airline staff that she had an important conference to attend, according to the South China Morning Post. She was subsequently arrested and blacklisted from future AirFrance flights.

A woman shattered a piece of art worth $800,000 while taking a selfie — and made the exhibit shut down for three days.

Artist Yayoi Kusama’s mind-bending exhibit, “Infinity Mirrors,” is undoubtedly photo-worthy. However, one tourist in Washington, D.C., took a selfie too far, and severely damaged a piece of art in the exhibition.

The exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum was closed for three days after a visitor broke a glass pumpkin, causing an estimated $800,000 worth of damage, according to The New York Times.

A tourist threw a glove at the Queen’s Guard in London just to mess with him.

Members of the Queen’s Guard in London, England, are known for their stoic disposition. One tourist, however, decided to try to get a reaction out of a guard by throwing her glove at him.

She was quickly reprimanded by another type of guard, called a Beefeater, as shown by a videoposted on YouTube.

“The Army’s here to protect the crown jewels. He is not here for the public to make fun of,” he said. The Beefeater returned the woman’s glove before the disrespectful tourists went on their way.


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