lifestyle: 3 types of women that make great sexual partners

If you have never had sex with these set of women you are definitely missing out.

Of all the activities one can enjoy in the world, sex is easily in the top ten.

That’s why human beings are wired to have sex with an opposite gender, once they can’t control their sexual throbs. Below are 3 types of women you should definitely be in bed with.

1. Brown women

Nothing fires up men like a light skinned woman. Those brown thighs will leave any sexualized man craving to fondle them or do anything manly on them. It’s like anything brown turns men on, into sex shocks.

2. Petite women

Men drool over short women. They say that short women are good in bed. According to some men, short women are easy to engage in different sex positions owing to their flexibility and malleability (they cannot break down).

3. Thick women

Men say fat women are so intimate during sex. Their soft bodies ooze erotic and are so responsive during sexual activities. They also say such women easily orgasm and one sexual act will consume their sexual appetite.


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