Manchester United hit with UEFA sanction after three people invade Old Trafford pitch at Champions League defeat against Juventus

Manchester United have been given a UEFA sanction after three people invaded the Old Trafford pitch during the Red Devils’s Champions League defeat to Juventus.

UEFA charged the Premier League club for “field invasion” on Wednesday and the case will be dealt with by the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body on November 22 – the week before they host their final Group H match against Young Boys.

Early in the Group H encounter, a fan ran across the pitch with his hand down the back of his trousers before being hauled off by stewards close to the players.

One pitch invader managed to get close and personal with United great Cristiano Ronaldo for a brief moment

Two further people made it on to the field at the end of the match as they sought to get close to former United hero Cristiano Ronaldo, who was making his way off the Old Trafford pitch after helping Juventus to the 1-0 win.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed that one man in his forties was kept in custody overnight.

In December 2014, Tottenham were fined €15,000 (£11,870 at that time) by UEFA over the three pitch invasions during the Europa League match against Partizan Belgrade.

Although they only won by one goal, Juventus were comfortable winners

United were last week fined €15,000 (around £13,000) by UEFA for their late arrival and the subsequent delayed kick-off of their Champions League match against Valencia.

Those issues reappeared on Tuesday, with Juventus arriving 65 minutes before kick-off and United getting to Old Trafford just 50 minutes before play got under way. Manager Jose Mourinho decided to walk to the ground.


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