Nathaniel Bassey shares an important teaching on patience

In a recent Instagram post, the popular gospel artist preached about the need for patience.

Nathaniel Bassey shares an important teaching on patience.

On October 28, 2018, the popular gospel artiste took to Instagram to share the need for believers to learn to be patient.

His caption read, “In our walk with God, You have to be patient. I have noticed a pattern in life that when something good is on the way. The counterfeit may show up. But Waiting on God guarantees the original. Wait on God. I say, Wait.

Nathaniel Bassey shares a word of encouragement for Christians

In a previous post, he urged believers to ignore their ‘haters’ and keep praying. The popular gospel artist started by reminding his followers that even Jesus Christ was mocked.

On September 24, 2018, he said, “Hello Believer, When you read the Bible, you would see that this kind of reaction to the move of God’s spirit and things of God existed in bible days. Even our Lord Jesus was mocked. The scripture here is that of the day of Pentecost when the Apostles spoke with new tongues. They saw them as some lunatics. But we know the effect of this outpouring was felt days, months and years later. Even to this day.”

Bassey concluded by calling on Christians not to give up praying but to hang in there.

In his words, “So, don’t believe the lie that prayer doesn’t work. IT DOES. Some of us have seen, and keep seeing the fruit. Shall we just pray? Certainly not. We must strike the balance of prayer and WORK. To lean alone on prayer is an error. So also is discarding prayer just for WORK. Wisdom provides for us that balance. So be encouraged. What we have is REAL. Keep praying that this gospel shines to every dark heart. And one day, they’ll SEE. JESUS IS LORD.”


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