Gist: Singer Yemi Alade’s mum, Helen Uzoma reportedly fights dirty after getting drunk in Abuja

Yemi’s mum, Helen was out of line on October 29, when she was at a beer parlour and allegedly started causing trouble with the workers of the place and all hell broke loose.
According to the Eyewitness, Okuhu, the problem began when the disc jockey refused to play Uzoma one of her daughter’s songs. It appears singer Yemi Alade‘s number one fan in the entire universe is her mother, Helen Uzoma.
It is a blessing when one’s parent supports their craft but certain lines have to be drawn. A recent experience narrated by Facebook user, Ikem Okuhu, has the internet aghast with terror.
yemi Alade and motherApparently, Uzoma wanted to jolly to her daughter’s songs and wanted expected everyone to be fine with it. when her request was denied, she didn’t take it likely and allegedly started fighting with the disc jockey and the waiter who tried calming her down.
It is said that Helen is a regular at the bar and causes trouble at the bar on a regular basis and it doesn’t seem new to anyone, so no one intervenes when she starts her bitter rantings.
Okuhu revealed that he was shocked to find that it was indeed a celebrity’s mother and advised that she be spoken to as such behaviour can by extension, ruin her daughter’s hard-earned image.


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