Sports: Nigerian player Mawoyeka dies of heart attack during a game in Turkey

According to several reports, Mawoyeka who plays Sarayköyspor for died on Sunday, November 4 during a game against Yetaganspor.

The Nigerian striker reportedly collapsed in the 35th minute of the game and was rushed to the Servergazi State Hospital where he was confirmed dead.

We have learned that our football player Ekundayo ‘Eko’ Mawoyeka has passed away from a heart attack in 35 minutes after the match with Yeşilköyspor. We wish all the lovers, especially the sad family of our footballer, our community and patience,” Sarayköyspor said on their Facebookpage.

According to the club, the 23-year-old scored in the game before he suffered the heart attack.

You gave us your last goal before we left, we loved you very much. Your memories, that smiling face will always live, you will never forget Eko. We’ll have you living there pretty much,” the club said in their tribute to the player on their Facebook page.

A centre-forward, Mawoyeka was born in Ilesha and only joined Sarayköyspor in September


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