Politics: Buhari reportedly appoints son-in-law as head of agency

Abdullahi who is a retired pilot, was married to Zulaihat, Buhari’s first daughter who passed away in 2012 during childbirth.

He assumed duties at the agency low-key on October 18, 2018.

It is not immediately clear why the presidency and the office of the secretary to the federation didn’t announce his appointment as was expected.

The online news platform quotes a government source as saying the appointment may have been kept under wraps to save Buhari the trouble of again being accused of nepotism for the umpteenth time.

Abdullahi took over from the former director of the agency,Mrs Agnes A. Aremu, who was appointed in an acting capacity in June of 2018.

His appointment comes during a period where the president has been facing criticisms for making lopsided appointments which favours the part of the country he comes from.

The presidency has always rejected claims that Buhari is sectional or nepotistic.

Soon after his election in 2015, Buhari said it will be unfair for regions who gave him majority votes not to be favoured over those who handed him only a fraction of the popular votes cast. It was a remark that has earned him backlash since the president uttered them in Washington DC


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