Politics: Trump stood nearly silent for several minutes at his rally in Missouri while medics treated a supporter who collapsed

President Donald Trump’s last campaign speech ahead of the midterm election on Monday night was interrupted for nearly 10 minutes after a woman collapsed and was later wheeled out of the Show Me Center in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, on a stretcher.

During his final campaign rally before Election Day, Trump offered glowing remarks to his supporters when he suddenly stopped and looked at the crowd in front of him.

“Is there a doctor in the house, please,” Trump said while pointing to the crowd. “Doctor, please. Take your time. We have plenty of time, right?”

Some people in the audience broke the silence by intermittently shouting their approval of Trump, insulting CNN, singing “Amazing Grace,” and saying the Lord’s Prayer.

“I love you DJT,” one person shouted.

“Expose 9-1-1,” another person exclaimed, apparently in reference to a 9/11 conspiracy theory.

“Thank you for fixing us,” a person cried out.

The crowd later erupted in laughter and cheers after a person blurted “CNN sucks.”

“That was really something,” Trump said, after the woman was taken out of the building. “I want to just thank everybody for the way you behaved. That was beautiful. At the end that was beautiful.”

“Hopefully she’ll be ok.”

The incident marks the second time in a row Trump paused his speech after a medical emergency. In a previous rally at Fort Wayne, Indiana, on Monday, Trump paused after a person required medical attention.

Trump has been on a campaign blitz since last week and headlined multiple campaign rallies in different states on the same day.


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