Gist: Here are some hot single celebrity mums you should know

Being a single mum isn’t something that is seen as fashionable in this part of the world but in recent times, people have come to accept and adjust to it.

The celebrity world is no newcomer when it comes to female celebrities who have had failed relationships and marriages and decided to raise the kids, from those affairs alone. For these women, it has made them more hardworking and inspiring to many. The status of the relationship between some of the celebrities and their spouses isn’t clear but we sure have them on this list.

These celebrities aren’t just mums but they have been able to remain fashionable and stylish. They have some of the most beautiful outfits and their followership on social media is massive. So guys, check out seven celebrity mums who still look hot.

1. Caroline Danjuma

At the mention of Caroline Danjuma’s name, one thing comes to mind, beauty, and brains. In her years as an actress, she was able to become a household name and many can’t forget how she kept everyone glued to their TV because of her beauty (Yes Caroline is fine like that!). However, she got married to business mogul, Musa Danjumaafter previous celebrity relationships.

Even though the marriage which produced three kids and lasted for a few years, Caroline Danjuma has remained one of the sexiest and stylish women from this part of the world. She has not looked back since then and has remained the toast of the red carpet.

2. Mercy Aigbe

This list won’t be complete without mentioning Mercy Aigbe. So we don’t get it all twisted, the status of her marriage to hotelier, Lanre Gentry is still not known but we can say she is one hot mum who has been taking care of herself well even after separating from her husband.

Mercy Aigbe’s Instagram page gives you a clear example of the amount of time and care she puts in to look good. In case you don’t know, Mercy Aigbe turned 40 this and she still can pass for a young lady in her 20s. We guess that’s the reason the number of her secret admirers are always out there declaring their love for her. Recall a while ago she shared a chat conversation she had with a man who wants to have a romantic affair with her.

3. Tonto Dikeh

The entertainment industry in Nigeria has been blessed with a number of beautiful and gorgeous women. Tonto Dikeh happens to be one of those pretty celebrities. Right from her early years in Nollywood, we already knew we had a sexy and hot woman ready to keep the tabloids busy. After her failed marriage, many would have thought she would go into exile. Well, they guessed wrong as she came out prettier and hotter.

Tonto Dikeh definitely knows the right outfit to wear for any occasion. Her Instagram page has a lot of her photos which we find sometimes very hard to pick a preferred photo. Tonto Dikeh took things further in 2018 when she decided to get a plastic surgery to increase her butt size. Your guess is as good as ours, she came out looking twice hotter and she has been serving us sexy goals ever since.

4. Juliet Ibrahim

We stand to be corrected that Juliet Ibrahim might the hottest single mum on this list. The reasons are endless. The fact that some people aren’t aware that she is more makes her more attractive. She has remained consistent when it comes to glowing every time we get to see her on the red carpet or just for the gram.

Talking about Instagram, ever gone through the actress’ page? It would leave you breathless with the number of efforts she has put to remain hot. Juliet Ibrahim has the right curves in all the right places. Despite her failed relationship with Iceberg Slim, Juliet Ibrahim still remains one of the most admired celebrity today.

5. Tiwa Savage

Mummy Jam Jam‘ as she is fondly called definitely stands tall on this list. Without doubt, Tiwa Savage is one single mum who leaves single and young guys drooling anytime she climbs the stage to perform. Watching Tiwa Savage perform on stage will leave you wondering if she is a teenager whose young and virgin hormones are just getting pumped. She has one of the most admired body structure in the entertainment world.

The mother of one, just like other female celebrities has a way of drawing all the attention to herself on social media. A photo post of Tiwa Savage can get more 20k likes in an hour and we all know why…hottie alert!

6. Waje

Interestingly Waje’s journey in the entertainment industry has never been discussed without mentioning the fact that she is a single mum. Well, lately Waje has said she doesn’t want to be asked questions relating to being a single mum. Clearly, Waje has done so much for herself career-wise over the last two decades.

Just so we all know, Waje is the oldest single mum on this list but can be said to be one of the hottest. We need not say more, Waje is pretty, voluptuous, has an infectious smile, has one of the most unique fashion styles. Ever seen a photo of the music star and her daughter? They can pass for sisters! How else can one describe a hottie?


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