Politics: Fox Nation, the new streaming service for Fox News ‘superfans,’ eschews news coverage and goes all-in on conservative opinion

  • Fox Nation, Fox News’ new opinion streaming service, will be available Tuesday.
  • The service features Fox News’ most well-known and controversial figures, like Tucker Carlson and Tomi Lahren.
  • Fox News says that early purchases suggest a younger demographic could be served by the platform.
  • Professor Reece Peck says that the plan could end up encouraging cord cutting.

Fox News has built a reputation for serving its news, analysis, and opinion with a conservative edge. With Tuesday’s launch of its opinion-only streaming service, Fox Nation, it’s leaning further into that sometimes controversial brand.

“I think our brand identity is pretty clear at this point,” said Fox News senior vice president of development and production John Finley. We want as many of the superfans as we can get.”

To cater to Fox News’ already massive audience, which according to Nielsen averages 1.7 million daily daytime viewers and 2.8 million nightly primetime viewers, Fox Nation has recruited some of its most popular and most controversial figures to produce new content for the platform, which will apparently feature no traditional broadcast news coverage.

Tomi Lahren, who recently caused a stir after calling the conflict between migrants and border agents “the highlight” of her Thanksgiving weekend, has so far been the figurehead of Fox Nation’s promotional material and will have a twice-daily show on the platform. “Tomi is a massively important part of this,” said Finley. “She’s very popular with our audience and has a tremendous following.”

But Finley says Lahren’s prominence in Fox Nation’s promotional material was simply because she was one of the earliest personalities to sign on.

Other notable Fox News names appearing are on the new platform’s roster include Sean Hannity,Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, and Jesse Watters, who have all made headlines for their distinctly conservative commentary. “Basically all of our big talent here at the Fox News channel have some sort of participation in Fox Nation,” explained Finley, characterizing the platform’s stars as “people that our fans have come to know and love and want to see more of.”


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