Babes! Here are 5 times you should not shoot your shot at a guy

Below we list five times you should not shoot your shot with a guy:

1. Your girl is interested

You cannot do your girl dirty like that. If she has already told you that she has hots for a guy, it is only fair that you back off and let her have him.

Actually you can have him because she’s not technically dating him just yet, but hey, she’s your friend. What would it cost to let her have that one?

2. He has someone

Do not be the reason why another person loses their loved one. Learn to respect other people and what they have.

3. You already have a boyfriend

If you already have a partner, you might also want to stay away from the game. It is called respect for one’s partner, and faithfulness to them.

4. When you just got out of a relationship

A bad breakup will have you not thinking straight. And most rebound relationships are reflections of that.

When people get out of bad relationships and feel the need to prove to their ex-partner that they can do just great without them, they get into other relationships too quickly. Such decisions often prove ill-advised in the long run.

If you are just getting out of a bad relationship that has you messed up mentally, it is better to stay off the shot-shooting game till when you are sure your decision to date is not fueled by a need to prove anything to anyone.

5. When you’re horny

If you are the type who values committed relationships over flings and other casual relationships, shooting your shot when horny may not be a great idea.

This is because in that moment, all you probably really need is someone to help scratch that itch and it’s not everyone who can give you great sex that can be a great partner to you.

If, however, casual sex is exactly what you crave, then take that shot.


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