Sports: Argentine legend Diego Maradona kicked out of the house by young girlfriend

Argentine legend Diego Maradona has been kicked out of the house by young girlfriend Rocio Oliva.

Maradona is known to as an all-time football great following his achievements during the course of his career.

The 58-year-old retired professional is currently managing in Mexico where he has tried to show he can be a top-class boss.

According to a report by the Sun, Maradona has problems with Rocio who is reported to be 28 years younger than him.

The original report from South America states that things are now at an irreconcilable point where Rocio has now pushed him out of the apartment he acquired for her.

The report by Lio Pecoraro and Argentine journalist revealed the state of affairs between Maradona and Rocio on the Todas Las Tardes programme.

On the programme, the journalist stated that Maradona was thrown out but is still adamant and wants the relationship to continue.

He said, “The ex-footballer was thrown out of the house he gifted to Rocio in Bella Vista.

“The ex-No10 doesn’t want to leave. The relationship between them is finished.”

According to the report, Rocio stated in an ESPN redes show that she is single which the reporter stated that Maradona did not take lightly.

The house acquired by Maradona for Rocio is in Buenos Aires the Argentine capital around the exclusive Bella Vista area.

According to the journalist, a major reason for the breakup may be that Rocio does not want to move from Argentina to Mexico where Maradona works.

No official confirmation about their relationship status has been made by Maradona at the time of this report.


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