NJ Referee Forced High School Wrestler To Cut His Dreadlocks Or Forfeit Match

Racism rears its ugly head once again as a racist ref forces a high school wrestler to cut his locs or forfeit his match.

Andrew Jackson, a student at Buena Regional High School was told that his hair and headgear were not compliant with NJSIAA(New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association) rules and that he either cut his hair or forfeit the round in his wrestling match.

In all embarrassment, the teen took a cultural blow for the team and allowed his mane to be cut with scissors in front of all present.

The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association released a statement Friday that said it would recommend the referee, who was not named, not officiate any matches until a review could be completed.

Alan Mahoney, the referee in the wrestling match, was identified by Sports Illustrated as the same ref who called another referee a “nigger” during a March 2016 social gathering in an argument over home-made wine.

The New Jersey chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union also decried Maloney’s decision to cut the student’s hair, calling the rule discriminatory.

Even NJ Governor Phil Murphy decried the ref’s decision, saying he was “deeply disturbed” by the public scalping of Jackson.

Deeply disturbed that Andrew Johnson, a student at Buena Regional H.S., was forced to choose between keeping his dreadlocks and competing in a wrestling tournament. No student should have to needlessly choose between his or her identity & playing sports. https://t.co/xfrXrpHpov

— Governor Phil Murphy (@GovMurphy) December 22, 2018

Through the entire ordeal, Jackson still won his match in overtime.

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