Omarion Refuses To Perform R. Kelly Written Songs

If you were excited about going to the B2K reunion tour, Omarion wants you to know that you should not expect music written by R.Kelly to be performed. After Lifetime’s Surviving R.Kellydocumentary has rocked the entertainment business, the “Post to Be” singer felt that he and his group should distance themselves from R. Kelly, who gave them some of their biggest hits.

The singer tweeted out he knows it will disappoint some fans those selections will be excluded from the set. That means “Bump, Bump, Bump,” “What a Girl Wants” and “Girlfriend” will no longer be performed.

Speaking of R. Kelly, a Facebook page created by him and his team to discredit the alleged victims launched on Monday, January 7th.

However, it was quickly as it popped up, it was removed. TMZ reports that a rep from Facebook said the page violated community guidelines. The site was connected to a site called “Surviving Lies” in contrast to the documentary.

The Source family would like to send our prayers to Nick Cannon’s artist, Ryan Bowers.

As of this afternoon, the 23 year-old rapper is fighting for his life after he was shot by an officer from the San Diego Police Department. The police were called originally because he allegedly cut his own throat. Police claim that when they attempted to subdue Bowers, he pulled out a knife and lunged towards the officers. This abrupt action prompted one of the officers to shoot at Bowers. Nick Cannon posted a lengthy Instagram post, offering prayers and promising that if the rapper survived he would make sure the world knows.

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