Lisa Van Allen Reveals R. Kelly Likes to Receive Penetration

R. Kelly is reportedly currently under federal investigation as a direct result of the allegation revealed in the Surviving R. Kelly documentary. Many people close to the singer, including his brother Carey Kelly, are revealing more details even after the documentary’s premiere.

Lisa Van Allen, who participated in the documentary and is one of the singer’s survivors opened up on The Breakfast Club on Wednesday morning. Towards the end of the 20-minute conversation Allen said that R. Kelly liked to receive penetration himself.

“Was R. Kelly into young boys as well? Because we seen him make that one girl cut her hair off, wear clothes, and kinda made her look like a boy. Was he into that as well?” DJ Envy asked.

I can’t speak for him actually messing with young boys, Allen said. “But I will say that there has been times he wanted penetration himself. It was from a female but still but I mean.”

“Penetration how? Like pegging or like a finger? Not to be too graphic.” Charlamagne Tha God clarifies. Allen answered, “a finger or object.”

She also explained how she feels about social media reactions and what she hopes to come out of the interview below:

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