Osinbajo narrates how fake story about strippers almost tore his marriage apart

Vice-President Yemi osinbajo has narrated how a fake story of him hanging out with strippers almost got him in trouble with his wife.

According to The Cable, he shared his experience at a conference on countering fake news organised by the BBC world service.

The Vice-President said that he took pictures with some ladies who were fully dressed, only to see a headline captioned: Osinbajo caught with strippers.

He said the pictures were manipulated to make people believe that he was indeed with strippers.

Osinbajo said that his wife gave him a call and asked him what he was doing with strippers.

“I have been one of the targets of fake news and it can also sometimes cost you marital peace. I got a call from my wife recently and she said, ‘Yemi what are you doing with strippers’. I said ‘what do you mean by strippers?

“So, I read a story in a famous blog that said, ‘Osinbajo caught with strippers’. And there was a photograph of me sitting between two perfectly clothed ladies but underneath this picture, the same ladies were not wearing much.

“In checking, the photographs with these two ladies at an entertainment event were taken when they were perfectly clothed but by the time the story was put out, it was as though I had taken a photo with them at the time they were not clothed at all,” he said.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the Vice President also called for conventions and agreements between nations to regulate social media and counter hate speech.


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