Trailer kills idol worshipper during a ritual

The driver of a semi-trailer truck reportedly tried to abscond after killing a worshipper of the Ogun god, but a crowd caught him and handed him over to the police before he could get far.

According to a post by Instablogja, the brake control of the vehicle had failed causing the motorist to run into a procession of idol worshippers in Ibadan, Oyo State, on Sunday, January 13, 2019.

The deceased was matching with the group when the accident occurred.

Before the tragic event, the victim was charged with the responsibility of keeping an animal needed for a ritual.

Trailer crushes “Ogun (god of Iron)” worshipers in Ibadan . . It was a black Sunday for some traditionalists worshipping Ogun, the god of Iron in Ibadan, as a trailer rammed into them, killing one and injuring many. . . The accident occurred opposite Foodco at Olodo, Iyana church road, Ibadan, during their procession. The trailer was said to have experienced brake failure. . . A worshipper who was holding the animal to be sacrificed, was killed instantly. Immediately after the incident, the driver of the trailer fled but was later nabbed and handed over to the police.

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