Falz holds school themed listening session ahead of ‘Moral Instruction’ Album release

Barely hours to the release of his fourth studio album, ‘Moral Instruction,’ rapper Falz on Monday, January 15, 2019, gathered journalists and industry colleagues together for a private listening session.

Themed in the form of a school with the venue shaped to reflect a classroom, Falz had put thought and creativity into reflecting the concept of his new album, ”Moral Instruction” as he shared with all those who gathered the creative process that birthed it.

Walking into the venue, there was an ice cream vendor close to the entrance similar to what happens outside the gates of secondary schools across Lagos State.

And it’s OUT #moralinstructionthealbum LET THE MUSIC SPEAK…

The venue had been re-created into a classroom with specially carved wooden tables and chairs made available to seat the gates with a notebook and Mathset also provided on each table.

The evening featured a top number celebrities, journalists, colleagues, industry personalities dressed in school uniforms. Also present on the night were his parents, Mr and Mrs Femi Falanaalongside the legendary art illustrator,Lemi Ghariokwu who worked with him on the album.

Art by @lemighariokwu

The event was anchored by hypeman Shoddy and it involved a question and answer session where Falz shared more highlights into every song on the album and what led to them.

”Moral instruction is more than an album, it’s a movement, it’s a re-education, a re-orientation. It is us learning and unlearning some things…

Quite obviously, we have lost a plot as a people, as a country. Everyday we complain about the state of affairs and how we need to move forward but the real deep rooted problem is re-education. We all have one thing or two to learn,” Falz said.

He then proceeded to play songs off the album, breaking down each track and those he worked with on the songs.

@lemighariokwu – From Fela’s Alagbon Close To @falzthebahdguy Moral Instruction. The first day Falz Saw the album cover creative. I was there as well. #moralinstructionthealbum #moralinstruction

The album which is a socio-conscious themed project follows the ”27” album released in 2017 and contains nine songs with guest appearances from Demmie Vee, Chillz and producer/friend Sess,who also produced most of the songs on the album.

Falz also shared how he went through the stress of sampling Fela’s songs while almost giving up at some point.

”We sampled three songs from Fela on the album, it was a lot deciding whether to do the samples but I wanted the elements of the original Afrobeat, that was one of the main reasons I wanted us to sample and it was a lot of ‘wahala’ to clear the samples.

We had to talk to his estate, talk to different companies in France and another in US that held the right to his Masters, I was this close to giving it all up but then I thought again, for what I want to achieve, I had to go ahead with it”, he explained.

The night also witnessed speeches from his parents alongside Lemi Ghariokwu who shared how he met Falz and why he felt pleased working with him.

The Moral Instruction album is now officially out on all platforms.


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