You Can Now Show Support For the #MuteRKelly Movement With This PizzaSlime T-Shirt

If songs like “Half on a Baby,” “Get Up On A Room,” and even the deep cuts like “2nd Kelly” have been permanently deleted off your bedroom playlists, PizzaSlime has the perfect T-Shirt to show the world that you’ve officially joined the #MuteRKelly movement, which gained an average of 2.1 million new members based on the ratings from Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly three-night docuseries that aired last week.

The shirt uses the infamously unflattering mugshot of R. Kelly from his stay at Dade County Jail, a photo that was also used as his official police handout photo back in January 2003 after being arrested on charges of child pornography. He was acquitted of those charges, but the video tape at the center of the trial unfortunately tells a different story.

Here’s how PizzaSlime describes their stance with this jab at the unceremoniously-dethroned former King of R&B:


If you haven’t watched the docuseries “Surviving R.Kelly” then you need to immediately

Times up for R.Kelly and he needs to be canceled forever

R.Kelly is a real piece of sh*t and he has to be stopped

Pizzaslime supports the survivors/victims of R.Kelly and we stand with the #MuteRKelly movement



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