R. Kelly Refers to Lady Gaga, Celine Dion as ‘Phonies,’ Focused on Legal Action Against Lifetime

After the Surviving R. Kelly docu-series lawsuits have been opened against R. Kelly, along with possible legal issues with states across the county. Beyond that, singers from Lady Gaga to B2K to Celine Dion are pulling the plug on the digital shelf life of their collaborations with the singer. While all of this was happening Kells was spotted out partying in Chicago. Safe to say he didn’t care about those artists right? That’s exactly the case.

A recent report states R. Kelly has no concern about the artists who are severing ties to them and views them as “phonies,” instead he has his eyes focused on Lifetime. The hosting network for the docuseries. You may recall, Kelly issues a cease and desist letter to the network before the series aired, however, it was unsuccessful. Now the Chocolate Factory creator is focused on having Lifetime encounter some legal repercussions.

The response to Lifetime is not only legally, but it is also stated that Kells is looking to get any information on company executives to complete a full-on revenge campaign.

On Wednesday (Jan 16) the state of Illinois will have access to the studio in Chicago where some of the girls were allegedly held. The location is a warehouse but was reportedly illegally used as both a recording studio and a residence. Kelly is facing eviction over the rented space due to over $170,000 in back rent and costs.

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