‘Tottenham should sign Mario Balotelli’: talkSPORT caller suggests bold Harry Kane replacement to amusement of Drive presenters

Sometimes there are some darn-right ridiculous views, but on many occasions there are some genuinely good ideas suggested.

Earlier on Drivetime, one Spurs fan suggested Mario Balotellishould be signed on loan as a short-term replacement for the sidelined Harry Kane.

One Spurs fan has suggested they should move for Balotelli

The caller, Anthony, stated Balotelli is the best short-term option for Tottenham as he is a proven goalscorer and will have an incentive to play for Spurs.

He claimed: “When he plays well, he does play well enough for a club like Spurs.

“If you put him on a six month contract: ‘Here you go, you can put yourself in shop window, you can get yourself another big club after this’, or maybe we’ll supply you with a contract like we did for [Emmanuel] Adebayor.

📞 Caller: “Spurs should sign Balotelli.”


@talkSPORTDrive: “Have you ever visited the planet earth?!”

📞 Caller: “When he plays well, he’s good enough to play for Spurs.”

This #THFC fan has a bold idea of how they should replace injured Kane


— talkSPORT (@talkSPORT) January 15, 2019

“Something like that could work and could get us goals where we need them because we’re not gonna sign another world class striker because he’s not gonna play behind Harry Kane.

“The only other option we have is to sign an attacking midfielder who can play as a striker.

“Balotelli is an out-and-out striker and if he’s got the incentive to play well, which he will have because he doesn’t have a club, there you go. Put him on 50 grand-a-week, 100 grand-a-goal.”

What do you think Spurs fans? Balotelli – stick or twist?


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