Cristiano Ronaldo’s mum diagnosed with breast cancer

Mother of Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo, Dolores Aveiro has been confirmed to be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Dolores has always been supportive of her son over the course of his very successful career.

The 35-year-old superstar, however, is reportedly in shook over the bad news as she has been diagnosed with cancer in 2007.

Dolores made her condition known with an interview with a Portuguese TV station where she stated that she is undergoing radiotherapy as she supported her son through rape accusations from Kathryn Mayorga.

She said, “I was operated on another breast in Madrid, I’ve had radiotherapy and now I’m fighting for my life.”

In the interview, she also confirmed that her son will be cleared of all possible charges he is accused of.

She said, “I have confidence in my son when it comes to what happened. When she went there, it wasn’t to play cards. It was to do something.

“I know the son I have.”

Ronaldo has been aware of his mother’s condition as when he was in 2007 while he was in the Premier League with Manchester United he contributed £100,000 for a cancer center that helped his mother’s condition.

According to a report by the Mirror, a friend said that Ronaldo made the contribution in gratitude to the cancer center.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been in sensational form since he moved to Juventus
Cristiano Ronaldo has been in sensational form since he moved to Juventus

He said, “Cristiano will be eternally grateful to the doctors and nurses who saved his mum´s life.

“He wanted to show them how much he appreciated what they did for him.

“He knows how devastating cancer can be for both the patient and their families, and wanted to do something to ease some of that suffering.”

Ronaldo who moved to Italy in the summer is expected to continue his exploits on the pitch when Juventus take on Sassuolo in their next encounter scheduled for Sunday, February 10.


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