42nd Miss Nigeria Chidinma Aaron shares her must-have beauty tips

The 42nd Miss Nigeria, Chidinma Aaron who wears her new crown with pride sat down with Pulse Lifestyle to discuss her beauty secrets.

Ever wondered what a beauty queen’s beauty routine consists of? The secrets to their award-winning glow? Well, we sat down the the 42nd Miss Nigeria Chidinma Aaron who gave us a valuable insight into her surprisingly simple regime.

Take us through your beauty routine

In the morning I try and drink room temperature water. I drink about 60cl then I wash my face and cleanse.

At night, I take off my makeup, wash my face properly and use coconut oil to remove any excess dirt on my face. Afterwards, I use a face mask for a deep cleanse.

Name 3 products you cannot live without

– A facial serum that gets rid of black heads and pimples

– A cleanser

– Black eye pencil

What’s the best beauty advice you have ever received?

Feed your body right and it will show outwardly. If you’re taking care of yourself properly, you won’t even need makeup.

Eat a lot of vegetables, drink water, use SPF and be kind to your skin.

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What’s your take on bleaching?

If you’re originally fair and because of sun damage, get darker, then it’s fine. If you want to tone or bleach and spend your money on products then it’s your life.

Then again, make sure you weigh the pros and cons and make sure you know exactly what you are signing up for. Do yourself a favour and research the products you are using because some may be more harmful than you first imagined.

What’s your take on plastic surgery?

If you feel there’s any part of your body you want to make smaller there’s this thing called exercise that works. It takes dedication and hard work but it does work. However, if you feel you want to go for surgery, I would say ”do you” but be careful.

I wish people would love themselves enough.

Going as far as surgery mostly stems from lack of self-love, not being confident in who you are. Cut off the people who think you’re not enough. If it’s yourself, talk to someone; a therapist or God. Make sure you speak to someone before you make that leap as far as surgery.

I love you and you are OK the way you are.

In life, you’re not here for aesthetics, you’re here to make a mark.

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About Chidinma Aaron

Chidinma was crowned Miss Nigeria in November 2018. The latest beauty queen in town is a graduate of Lead City University, Ibadan, Oyo State where she majored in Business Administration.

She is also an entrepreneur, Chef, and a transformational Speaker. She hopes to make an impact in transforming the ideology of women’s empowerment through her role as Miss Nigeria.

She will be working the whole year to surpass the work of her predecessors through the Green-Girl Project. Through the project, she will be mobilizing girls to address issues pertinent to them (including feminism and sexual abuse) and also giving them opportunities to empower themselves.

Adorable, Queen Chidinma Aaron From Enugu is Miss Nigeria 2018

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