Learn valuable tips on how to grow your followers organically thanks to influencer Fisayo Longe

Fisayo Longe is a popular influencer and the founder of stylish label KAI collective. In just a few years, Fisayo has managed to create a formidable brand and now she wants to pass that knowledge onto others.

In this social media age, we all know how possible it is to make money online but you have to make sure you do it the right way. Many people take shortcuts and buy followers in order to increase their followers and appear more popular and attractive to brands.

However, everyone know that followers don’t necessarily translate into engagement and your value to a potential brand is therefore, null. There are plenty of ways to grow your brand organically using engaging content and Fisayo is here to share her top tips.

Learn valuable tips from influencer and fashion blogger Fisayo Longe who has grown her own platform organically
Learn valuable tips from influencer and fashion blogger Fisayo Longe who has grown her own platform organically

Speaking about her blogging and Instagram journey, Fisayo says:

In the time since starting online, my blog and clothing brand have grown so much. I am making it my mission again this year to teach as many creatives as I can all that I have learned in the past seven years of this beautiful career.

But now, rather than just focusing on blogging, we’re focusing on all platforms. The goal is for all of us to create the best content and products, and to go from being content creators to profitable entrepreneurs.

Over the next few months, I will be equipping you with the tools necessary to do just that.

I really hope this video helps! I have gotten so much feedback and honestly, it is the KEY to Instagram growth.

Take a look at Fisayo’s short and simple Instavideo that will help you instantly improve your content and your approach towards social media!

How to constantly grow your instagram following ORGANICALLY- without bots, pods, buying followers or any dodginess. Answering your most frequently asked questions in one minute. Quick valuable information that is straight to the point. Save into a collection on your insta so that you can easily reference it later. Leave a comment if you find it relevant and helpful, and share with your friends, family and business owners who you feel might benefit from it. Also, let me know what else you would like me to address!

Fisayo’s top 3 tips

  • Creating valuable content
  • Create content that is easily shareable
  • Help people solve their problems by going the extra mile

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