International Women’s Day: Female lawyers are intellectual power houses – NBA 

The NBA President, Mr Paul Usoro (SAN) stated this in a statement on Friday in Abuja on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.

According to Usoro, on this International Women’s Day, we salute and congratulate all the women in our lives including but not limited to all our female colleagues who, as lawyers, make us and indeed, the profession proud.

In particular, today is dedicated to our female colleagues who serve diligently on the bench and have over the years rose steadily, doggedly and purposefully to occupy leadership positions in our various courts.

In our lifetimes, we have had a female Chief Justice of the Federation and a female President of the Court of Appeal not to mention female Chief Judges of the Federal and State High Courts and uncountable female judges and justices of our High Courts and appellate Courts.

These women who, in their own rights, are intellectual powerhouses, have become mentors and role models to our young and upcoming colleagues, male and female.

The NBA also applauded the contributions of female politicians and elected officials and female social activists noting that their labour and struggles secured the country’s freedom and rights.

The NBA president added that deserving of special mention were the diligent, mothers, aunties, sisters, daughters and female friends, all of whom, in different ways and with their love and care, nurture, shape and model lives.

We salute and celebrate all of them and wish them bountiful successes coupled with the grace, blessings and protection of the almighty.

He noted that society owed women a lot and all must be done to promote gender equality and emancipation.


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