Iyanya talks about getting healed from joining Mavin Records after MMMG heartbreak

After a broken relationship with partner Ubi Franklin who alongside co-owned former record label, Made Men Music Group (MMMG), singer Iyanya confirms that joining Mavin Records afterwards was a good moment in his career as it offered him light away from darkness.

He mentioned this in an interview on Ndani TV’s The Juice. In the chat with the host Bolanle Olukanni, he shared that being able to work in a loving atmosphere motivated him about the future that continued with Temple Music.

Don Jazzy was a big influence ensuring that it happened after opening the door to him to record songs. Joining Mavin Records in October 2016, was a short stint and that was because it wasn’t a legal agreement says Iyanya.

“That was healing to me. That was the best time of the whole situation I was in. That was the best moment cos Jazzy just opened the family and said look ‘you are one of us’.

“And everybody just showed me that love cos it came from Jazzy. So it was like from Jazzy to Tiwa, to Babyfresh to everybody. It was just love and that really like gave me life because to be honest with you, I was broken,” the singer shared as he talked about the aftermath of his bitter departure from MMMG.

Iyanya also expressed that he was usually the one thought to be the betrayer because of a perception that believed him to be the one who left Franklin for Temple Music and for monetary gains.


Dropping “Rebirth” EP

After leaving Temple Music in December 2018, it seemed like Iyanya has been too quiet about his music but he has made clear that he has an EP titled “Rebirth” up his sleeve.

He admitted that the conversation about if he is trying to evolve with a new sound is coming up because his fans haven’t heard nothing from him in a while.

They can expect a collaboration with mates on his independent platform on the new project that is still baking in the oven.

“The reason why people are wondering how his new sound is gonna be is because I have not put out so much in a while.

“But I have not been quiet too. I have not been quiet just doing nothing. I have been recording. My EP is coming out. It is called the “Rebirth” EP. A lot of collaborations on there with my colleagues.”

With everything looking good at the moment, Iyanya talks about being open to dating after ending his relationship with former girlfriend Freda Francis. The pair were an admirable couple in 2015, but the next year the singer unfollowed her on social media.


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