Rihanna’s Dad Facing Lawsuit for Exploiting Singer’s Name

Rihanna’s dad is in the hot seat once again for pretending to work with his daughter. This time Ronald Fenty is being threatened by social media star Harvey Justice, a.k.a. Chef Henny.

According to the report obtained by TMZ, Ronald told Chef Henny that he repped Rihanna and that she’s an integral part of the company. Harvey gained his fame by uploading videos to YouTube of him cooking with Hennessy.

Henny claims he only received $50,000 of the $750,000 marketing budget he was promised. The report states that Ronald claims the rest of the money is on hold because of South American investors. Now Henny is coming for what he was promised plus damages.

Riri filed a lawsuit against her own father earlier this year because he tried to launch several business endeavors using the Fenty name. The singer has issued several cease and desists to her father but he continues to come up off her name. I mean his name. Things are definitely getting tricky between the father-daughter duo.

Hopefully they can come to a reasonable solution at the end that satisfies both parties.

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