Fire Breaks Out At Coachella 2019 In California

The fire broke out in the early hours of the festival to the anonymity of the source of the outbreak. Though the source at which the fire started from has been reported unknown, some of the festival attendees recounted that they heard explosions while watching and enjoying the show.

It has been reported that the fire didn’t do any major damage as no human casualties were recorded. The festival quickly continued almost immediately after the fire outbreak as it was quickly put out before it became a major negative headline.

Below are some of the reactions of the eyewitnesses and attendees towards the outbreak:

couple of explosion sounds heard by us campers – luckily fire seems to be out

— ? (@spxheda) April 13, 2019

showers at Coachella campground caught on fire…
“everybody out of the showers now!” – someone in their towel running out

— ? (@spxheda) April 13, 2019

We are so happy no serious damage was recorded as it could have been a major blow to the expected performances of our dear afrobeats artistes Burna Boy & Mr Eazi. We are glad no lives were lost too!


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