Davido features on Russ’ new party jam, ‘All I Want’

The song seems suited for a bloc party.

Artist: Russ featuring Davido

Song Title: All I Want

Genre: Afro-pop

Date of Release: April 24, 2019

Album: TBA

Producer: Foreign Teck, OZ, and EY

Video Director: Edgar Esteves

Details/Takeaway: Independent marketing maven, controversial, multi-talented creative and American DIY master, Russ has unexpectedly dropped a dance song which features Nigerian superstar, Davido.

Though the song is topically about a seemingly distant wonder-woman yonder, it is perfectly themed for a Russ-styled party, complete with a slew of scantily clad, beautiful women adding lustre to a classically designed home and a little chaos.

While the song drop is unexpected, it is not surprising. Russ has always spoken about his admiration for Nigerians. Growing up in Atlanta, some of his best friends are Nigerians and he has severally claimed a love for Nigerian dishes.

While Russ made the whole of $15 million dollars in year-ending June of 2018 all while being an semi-independent artist, singles like this mean the ‘There’s Really A Wolf’ rapper could have another incredible financial year.

Rating: TBA


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